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I got a link to this story on the Driftless Trout Anglers  forum.

Dave Vetrano, one of the men responsible for Wisconsin’s excellent trout streams, is retiring after 30 years.

Dave Vetrano at Coon Creek

Dave Vetrano at Coon Creek

Vetrano came up with the lunker structure that helps shelter fish after stream habitat improvement work is done. I had no idea that LUNKERS is an acronym (Little Underwater Neighborhood Keepers Encompassing Rheotaxic Salmonids). Vetrano reportedly thought this up.

Vetrano is also responsible for implementing the state’s “Wild Trout” program which takes wild trout from highly successful streams and stocks them in streams that have the capacity to support trout but have low populations. Apparently domestic trout (aka: fish hatchery-raised trout fed with pellets) only lived a couple of years in the wild. Go figure! They probably had no idea how to hunt for food in the wild. Transplanting wild trout from one stream to another has allowed Wisconsin’s trout numbers to skyrocket and has lowered the DNR’s expense of maintaining that fishery.

Click on the picture of Dave above to go to the Journal-Sentinal article.

Thanks for all your creativity and hard work Dave!

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