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Rich Osthoff Books on Nymphing   8 comments

I recently bought two books by Rich Osthoff, who lives in Mauston, Wisconsin. The books focus on long-line nymphing for trout when there’s “No Hatch to Match”, a common occurrence in our Driftless Region trout streams.


Active Nymphing by Rich Osthoff

Active Nymphing by Rich Osthoff


I’ll report back with insights learned from these books. And hopefully I’ll have plenty more stories of success catching fish as well.


Nymph Rigging - From "Active Nymphing" by Rich Osthoff

Nymph Rigging - From "Active Nymphing" by Rich Osthoff




Gaylord Shanilec – Mayflies of the Driftless   Leave a comment

Wisconsin Author and Artist Gaylord Shanilec has done a guest post on The Biofresh Blog, a blog on the science, policy, and conservation of freshwater ecosystems. There’s a neat story about his interaction with University of Wisconsin entomologist Clarke Garry. Click on the BioFresh logo below to see the post.

BioFresh Project

BioFresh Project

Check out Shanilec’s blog “The River“. He lives near Stockholm, WI on the Mississippi River and has done some incredible art related to the animals and scenes that are common in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin.

Report from Pool Four

Why do fish jump?

I also encourage you to investigate his books and works, and his process of making art from wood engravings. His creativity, skill, and talents are self evident. What a wonderful treasure for Wisconsin!

Baetis sp 1. - Shanilec

Baetis sp 1. - Gaylord Shanilec


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