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Fly Rod and Reel Magazine has an interesting article online discussing the world of commercially tied flies. Many of the flies you buy at a fly shop are made in Thai “factories” like the one seen below. The jobs in these factories pay relatively well and the job is considered a good profession by those employed to do it.

“We have one lady in Sri Lanka,” says Umpqua’s Bruce Olson with obvious pride, “who is the world expert on the Copper John. She is the best the world has ever known at tying that fly. John Barr [the inventor and namesake of the Copper John] isn’t even in her league.”

Thai Tyer

Thai Tyer

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2 responses to “Commercial Flies

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  1. That is really interesting! I can’t believe there are people who do this all day. There is no way we could compete with the details they must be able to achieve. I must say that I marvel at the diligence and determination of these folks.

    I’d be bat shit crazy after a week. Or, finally tie at least one fly correctly.


    • I know, it makes me question my motivation for tying. I’ve probably spent enough on tying equipment and materials to buy a couple year’s worth of these flies. But there’s something cool about catching a fish on your own fly.

      There are some talented craftspeople out there. The article also says the reason there are commercial tyers in the US is because they’re the inventors of new patterns. But they may not be able to compete with the throughput of these gals.

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