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My 8-year-old son Bode had been asking for a few weeks when fishing season would be starting. He’s been anxious to get out and catch some fish. He wanted to go to Lake Wingra nearby, but the bite there has been slow in starting up, due to the cool spring we’ve had (I think). I talked him into heading to a trout creek instead. I’m glad I did!

Into the truck we went, and Stephen drove us up to Lodi Spring Creek. We fished a section west of town and found some very productive areas. Stephen fished with wooly buggers on his fly rod and had some good success, finding a nice spot where 4 fish were caught and released, and several more that charged his fly but didn’t take.

Bode and I worked downstream from Stephen and found a couple of nice holes for him to toss a #9 silver Panther Martin in. At first he got lots of  “bumps” on the lure but no hookups. But after a dozen casts he pulled out a nice 12″ rainbow. We were both jazzed about it!

Bode with his first fish of 2011, a 12" Rainbow

Bode with his first fish of 2011, a 12" Rainbow


Bode caught another fish too, a 10″ Brown Trout. Both were taken home at Bode’s request and fried in butter with garlic and herbes de Provence. We both enjoyed our first trout dinner of the season.

Next week we’ll put our rowboat in at the marina in Lake Wingra and it’ll be panfish mayhem, but with this successful trout stream outing under his belt, I’m hoping Bode will join me often on forays into the Driftless, to take in the beauty of the land and the adventure of fishing my favorite creeks.

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  1. super rainbow Bode, i wanna be a kid in your family!

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